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Joomla Content Management: The Importance Of Keeping Your Site Maintained and Up to Date


When designing and maintaining your web content through a content management system (CMS) like Joomla, it's easy to see the benefits of such a platform. Easy design, and website administration remove a lot of the technical knowledge required when it comes to building a website. Additionally, building a site with Joomla is a fraction of the cost of developing a custom website. However, despite the ease and convenience a platform like Joomla offers, there are some important aspects to take into account. Content management sites, due to their widespread use, can be easy targets for hackers and viruses. Constant website maintenance, auditing, and security is necessary to ensure your hard work stays protected. Don't make the mistake of neglecting to maintain your site, and rely on a quality website security provider to ensure your content stays up to date and safe from nefarious influences.

Content Management Systems Are Easier, But What Do They Lack?

As mentioned above, CMS's work by making it easy to manage a website page. Features vary, but most include some way to manage Web-based publishing, format management, history editing and version control, indexing, search, and retrieval. Joomla has an impressive suite of features, but these features require some special considerations.

By opting for a system that manages your website management for you, you're missing out on the understanding of the actual structure of your website. How does your website work? What are the vulnerabilities? Beneath this easy-to-manage platform are a lot of moving parts that work to deliver a quality web experience - and a lot of these parts can be exploited.

If your website contains content you don't want to lose - or even something as crucial as customer data and payment information.- it's absolutely necessary to make sure your security is up to snuff.

What Are the Security Risks of Content Management Systems?

Although these platforms make it easier to publish web content for even casual users, lack of knowledge for basic programming and security can open your site up to attacks from hackers and malware.

If hackers can gain control of the content management system, it's easy for them to modify your site and gain access to sensitive information.

Although CMS platforms are generally pretty safe, out of date CMS programs are attacked through vulnerabilities in the code. 

While coding professionals are well aware of the impact outdated content management systems can have on a site, these CMS's make website design a lot more accessible to the average joe. These non-coders still need to understand the importance of backing up a site and keeping versions up to date.

Because many Joomla operators use third party extensions to increase the functionality of their site, these additional tools also offer an avenue for malicious attacks.

Additionally, it's important to recognize that due to the popularity of this management platform, CMS's become a prime target for hacking. Hackers will find flaws and share the vulnerabilities with their communities, leading to some seriously dangerous exposure.

Employing a quality service dedicated to identifying holes in your Joomla security, as well as keeping your site up to date, takes a lot of the hassle out of constantly maintaining your site. You can rest assured that the security of your site is in safe hands and will be protected from the ever evolving field of malware and hacking.

How Do I Maintain a CMS?

We'll get into some more detail in this section about what exactly is involved in maintaining your content management system. Each of these steps is crucial if you want to maximize the safety and efficiency of your site. Employing a quality maintenance service like Joomsting's Joomla Update Plan will take this hassle out of your hands.

1- Perpetual Monitoring

A quality Joomla management strategy should include perpetual monitoring. The webmaster will be instantly emailed upon detection of any issues so that they can work together with Joomsting to address the vulnerability and get the site back to maximum efficiency and security.

2- Continually Evolving Backup Strategy

Website are dynamic, and as you continue to develop your site and grow your business, it's important to have a backup plan that changes dynamically based on your needs. A Joomla hosting company can work together with the webmaster to ensure there's transparency and understanding of the details involved with backups.

How many days of backups are required to suit the needs of the site ? How can we optimize the storage space of your site to ensure you're protected while avoiding excessive data use? Will these backups be accessible? These are all important questions that will be addressed by a professional hosting service such as Joomsting.

Backups are important, as they provide an easy way to roll your site back to a more stable state. Taking the time to make sure your backups are set up in a manner that is safe, efficient, and easy to access will make your life a whole lot easier if things go bad.

3- Frequent CMS Program Updating

As mentioned above, CMS programs like Joomla have inherent vulnerabilities. With how popular these programs are, they're prime targets for hacking.

Fortunately, CMS companies roll out frequent updates. Implementing these updates is key to maintaining the security of your site, and a Joomla hosting company like Joomsting can do just that and ensure the integrity of your site keeps up with the ever changing internet scene.

4- Keep an eye on third party plugins

Extensions for your CMS, while useful in the expanded functionality they offer, are also vulnerable to security exploits. Much like the CMS as a whole, these extensions need regular updates to keep up with the ever-evolving world of security and hacking. 

Joomsting supports multiple third party extensions and will make sure that they are up to date and safe. Joomsting confidently supports the following extensions and more, ensuring that all vulnerabilities will be patched as fast as possible:

  • Hikashop e-commerce
  • StackIdeas Blog
  • StackIdeas Social community
  • Regular labs module manager
  • YooTheme templates and Widgetkits
  • YooTheme Zoo framework
  • RsFormPro form manager
  • JSiteMap pro
  • JCH Optimizer
  • Akeeba Tools and Backups

5- Perform Regular Passes To Keep Your Site Up to Speed

Part of the benefit of a quality Joomla hosting company is the periodic audits. Joomsting will even regularly pass through your site and delete unnecessary files clear and refresh caches, optimize the database tables, rotate logs, perform necessary backups, and more!

Trust Joomsting With Your CMS Management Today

Using a CMS is not without its risks, but you can take advantage of the cost savings and convenience while also protecting your site by following the advice we mentioned above.

Joomla takes a lot of the guesswork out of building a site, but without the necessary knowledge to patch out vulnerabilities you could be opening your site up to malicious attacks.

Trust Joomsting to keep your CMS up to date, protected, and efficient. Rely in their knowledge and experience to keep your business on the right track.

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